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We craft premium, impactful video content for innovative creators and entrepreneurs.

For Visionaries, Innovators,

Changemakers, and Trailblazers.

We craft premium, impactful video content for innovative creators and entrepreneurs.

"My reels we made are getting more engagement than any of my past reels. Thanks for your help!"

Dai Smith

"Carrie is the Queen of Short-Form Videos. She knows the right questions to ask that get my audience to listen."

Brittany Long

"Carrie's gifts perfectly align with my pain point. With Carrie, I was finally able to get my videos done and in only 2 hours."

Christine Kloser


  • 🎥 Drawing a blank on what to say? Yeah, been there.

  • 🙈 Camera-shy? Totally get that.

  • ⏰ Spending hours for just one video? Oof.

  • 🌟 Not feeling like your videos capture your awesomeness? Frustrating, right?

  • 🤔 Stuck on content ideas? It's like hitting a creativity wall.

  • 🎬 Overwhelmed by all the tech stuff? Lights, camera... confusion?

  • 👀 Creating content that no one sees? Ouch.

  • 😓 Managing VAs and editors but still feeling the load? So much for easing the burden.

  • 💼 Outsourcing, but still micromanaging? That's not the dream.

Does all this sound way too familiar? Let's turn it around together! Let’s get your video content shining bright! ✨

We're not just creating videos,

we're building impactful brands.

Hey there! You know those top-tier creators splurging $50k-$100k each month on swanky creative teams? Well, guess what? You can get the same glitzy production vibes for your content without emptying your piggy bank! With us, it's all about big creator energy at a cozy creator budget.

Let's make your brand pop without popping your wallet!

Videos Made Easy Plans

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We virtually record, edit, and deliver quality videos.

  • Tailored Video Content Strategy

  • Fresh Content Ideas & Prompts

  • 2 Hour Virtual Recording Sessions + Prep Call

  • 20 Professionally Edited Videos: Shot, edited, and polished to perfection, ready to wow your audience.

Team Members:

  • Video Editor

  • Video Director

  • Content Strategist

  • Project Manager

  • Creative Director

Great For...

  • The business owner that has had short-form video creation on their to-do list for weeks, months, or years.

  • The business owner that needs accountability to actually have it on their calendar to get their content done.

  • The entrepreneur that is not sure what to say on video, or gets overwhelmed with the details of video creation.

  • The business owner that values their time and wants to get their content done in 2 hours a month.

May Promo Sale ENDS in...

20 Videos for $850


Ask about adding long-form videos to your experience.

Book a call with Carrie to get started.


Already have a video/content team?

Carrie provides strategic consulting for entrepreneurs and business owners that already have a team. Book a call with Carrie to learn more.

Videos That Speak

To The Heart

Connecting with your customers is infinitely more powerful when they see your face, hear your voice, and feel like you're talking right to them.

We're all about creating content with a heartbeat – intentional, purposeful, and oh-so meaningful.

It's not just about churning out videos; it's about crafting stories that resonate, connect, and light up your audience's world! 🌟

Step One

Develop a deep understanding of your brand and your voice.

We become practically obsessed (in the best way!) with discovering your brand's voice, editing style, and crafting a strategy that's as authentic as you are.

This isn't just content; it's a reflection of your personality, crafted with care and a touch of Solasta magic! 🌟📝

Step Two

You get high-quality, high engagement video content.

Ready for a prep call that's gonna set the stage for your video magic? We'll get your space, lighting, and all that tech jazz sorted so you're ready to shine on camera! 🎥💡

Then, it's showtime with our virtual recording session! Imagine this – in less than 2 hours, we'll create a whole month's worth of content together.

Yeah, you heard right – a month's worth! And the cherry on top?

Our team will edit all that goodness and deliver it straight to you, ready to hit the 'publish' button and dazzle your audience! 🚀✨

Step Three

You become a visibility star and icon.

Every piece of your content is crafted on a rock-solid strategy and produced with top-notch expertise.

We're talking about content that doesn't just catch eyes – it drives leads straight to your business and turns viewers into enthusiastic buyers. 🌟

Hi, I'm Carrie, and I am obsessed with helping new and transitioning businesses turn their passions into profit.

Hi, I'm Carrie! I’m the Video Coach and Content Strategist, helping entrepreneurs curate and launch businesses that disrupt traditional social norms. I have worked with some of the best brands in the world, curating and creating visibility plans for brands ranging from Subway (where I worked with over 400+ restaurants) to YouTube influencers who wanted to tap into new markets and audiences to Wellness Entrepreneurs who want to create businesses that align with their mission and vision for the future.

Now, my passion is working with you: brands that can truly change the fabric of the world.

FAQ for Videos Made Easy

What exactly is included in the Videos Made Easy offer?

Please review the Plans tab to see what is included in each offer.

How much time will I need to commit to the Icon offer?

We understand that you're busy, so we've designed the Icon offer to be as time-efficient as possible.

Once we've discussed your background & outfit styling during our 30 minute prep call and have our 1 hour recording call, our team will handle the rest, including video editing.

All you'll need to do is provide feedback during the revision process and share the final content on your platforms.

So time total is maybe 2 hours!

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the results?

We're confident in our ability to create high-quality, engaging video content. However, we don't offer refunds for our services.

Instead, we provide unlimited rounds of revisions to ensure that you're satisfied with the final product. We'll work closely with you to make any necessary adjustments.

Will Videos Made Easy work for my specific niche or industry?

Our team has experience creating engaging video content for a wide range of industries and niches.

We'll work closely with you to understand your unique goals and messaging, and tailor the content to resonate with your target audience.

Can I use the videos created through Videos Made Easy on multiple platforms?

Absolutely! The videos we create for you in the Icon Plan are versatile and designed to be compatible with multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

This means you can use the same high-quality content to reach and engage with your audience across different channels, making the most of your investment.

What other creative ways can I utilize the content from Videos Made Easy?

Apart from the obvious use on social media platforms, there are numerous ways to leverage the content created through Videos Made Easy.

You can:

Embed videos in your blog posts to enhance reader engagement.

Use video clips in your email marketing campaigns to capture the attention of your subscribers.

Feature videos on your website's homepage or landing pages to improve conversion rates.

Share videos in your online courses or webinars to provide valuable information in an engaging format.

Repurpose video content for presentations or workshops to showcase your expertise.

With Videos Made Easy, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to make the most of the content we create for you.

How long does it take to see results?

You might just start seeing a deluge of leads in no time – we're talking days, not weeks.

But remember, becoming an industry icon is more like a marathon, not a sprint. When it comes to video content, consistency is your golden ticket. 🌟

Most of our clients begin to see some serious growth and buzz around the 6-month mark. But hey, everyone's journey is unique. So, gear up for your own ride – it's going to be epic!

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